TEEN Mom Mackenzie McKee has given her followers a look at her plump backside and toned frame in a new social media video.
In the clip, that Mackenzie, 28, showed off her perky butt and fit frame in skintight leggings and a sports bra.
Mackenzie's social media clip appeared to be filmed in a gym locker room.
She stood with her back to the camera, twisting her upper-body to the front while arching her butt out to flex its tightness.
In the image, the star's super-toned abs were exposed, her hair was in two braided pigtails, and she wore music headphones.
The former MTV star had Rihanna's 2011 hit record Birthday Cake playing over her story.
Cake is often used as a euphemism for butt.
The ex-reality TV personality ended up captioning her story, "Can you locate my Dexcom though [?]"
Dexcom is a device that people who have diabetes can wear to help manage their disease.
According to the Dexcom website, the company's main goal is to assist diabetics with improving "their glucose control and overall health."
Since the 16 & Pregnant alum suffers from type 1 diabetes, she is an active user of the product.
Back in November, Mackenzie shared several photos of herself utilizing Dexcom on social media.
She opened up about living with type 1 diabetes in her caption, aiming at MTV for keeping it off 16 & Pregnant.
"I used to be embarrassed about my diabetes. When filming for 16 & Preg, we did hours of filming about type 1 and how I live with it. When the show aired they took it all out because it wasn't good TV and the disease was too hard to explain in an hour," she claimed at the time.
The mom-of-three went on: "I let that slow me sharing my journey down for over a decade. Now I embrace who I am every day and I'm more powerful now than ever before!"
Mackenzie continued: "So here I am. A mom of 3, embracing my Dexcom, living with type 1, and chasing my fitness career. Our bodies are a blessing. I've shown myself this year that I can do anything I want to and jump over any obstacle life brings me."
"I am woman, I am powerful, I am unbreakable. and you can be, too!" she concluded.
Fans were taken aback by the ex TV star's claims and expressed that in her comments.
"How disappointing they removed it from the show. T1d is already lacking in education and awareness. That is too bad. I'm glad you are strong and brave now to share! Keep sharing!" one fan wrote at the time.
Someone else chimed in: "I'm so disappointed they did that but not surprised one bit. It's ridiculous. I'm sorry they made you feel like you couldn't share your story."
The network did acknowledge Mackenzie's diabetes on the show, however, it was not a central part of her storyline.
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