Alexander Zverev opened up about playing tennis with Type-1 diabetes in a heartwarming interview with tennis presenter James Bracey.
Bracey, whose 4-year-old daughter was also diagnosed with diabetes, thanked Zverev for opening up about his journey as a diabetic. The German revealed last year that he was suffering from Type-1 diabetes and was diagnosed at the age of three.
While discussing the impact the 25-year-old has had on diabetic people by revealing his diagnosis while being an athlete at the top of his game, he admitted that his parents were scared for him.
Following the stigma around the disease, Zverev discussed that there is no limit to what one can achieve with this illness. He said:
The 2020 Olympic champion was once told that he would never become a professional athlete as tennis is an incredibly physical sport. Zverev, over the years, has fought against all odds. He stated:
Regarding the pessimistic approach of the doctors, he said:
Opening up about his decision to go public with his diagnosis, the 2020 US Open finalist spoke about never checking his insulin in public or taking insulin shots during matches.
Although the illness has not stopped Alexander Zverev from competing at a high level, he admits that the effects of diabetes are definitely present in his game.
On 6 August last year, Alexander Zverev launched the Alexander Zverev Foundation, which came in the wake of his revelation about suffering from Type-1 diabetes.
The foundation aims to facilitate the availability of insulin and other life-saving medicines to children suffering from the disease in developing countries. It also aims to promote personal development, healthy lifestyles and athletic skills among children.
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