Latest research suggests that the pharmacokinetics of technosphere insulin works the same in children living with type 1 diabetes as it does in adults with the same condition.
In this first-of-a-kind study, a team of scientists have analysed how technosphere insulin – an inhaled dry powder ultra-rapid-acting insulin – impacts children living with type 1 diabetes.
Pharmacokinetics of technosphere insulin and its effect on circulating glucose concentrations were evaluated in a single-arm study that enrolled 27 children aged between eight and 17 years old with type 1 diabetes for more than one year.
All of the children enrolled in the study were also on a stable multiple daily insulin injection regimen and meet pre-defined pulmonary function testing criteria.
To assess pharmacokinetics, the children received an individualised single preprandial dose of technosphere insulin (4–12 U, in 4-U increments) via oral inhalation, based on their usual mealtime subcutaneously injected rapid-acting insulin dose and meal content. Serum insulin and blood glucose were also measured at 30 to 250 min relative to dosing.
The findings state: “Serum insulin rapidly increased post-dose and returned to baseline by 120 min.
“Mean serum insulin Cmax (maximum concentration) was 77.3, 119.15, and 207.7 µU/mL for doses of 4, 8, and 12 U, respectively.
“Tmax occurred at 10.5, 13.9, and 14.6 min post-dose for 4, 8, and 12 U. Glucose lowering 30–60 min post-dose was consistent with the pharmacokinetics profile.”
To read the study, click here.
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