The texture of chocolate makes it feel good to eat rather than the taste, new evidence has suggested.
Research conducted by the University of Leeds has found that the soft and pleasant texture of chocolate is partly made by the fat contained within the confectionary.
During the study, the team of academics examined how the texture of chocolate impacts its taste.
They found that the surface of chocolate releases a fatty film when the treat is put in someone’s mouth, making it feel smooth.
According to the scientists, fat located further within chocolate does not affect the texture or taste therefore it could be removed or reduced.
Chief author Dr Siavash Soltanahmadi wants these results to trigger the “next generation” of chocolate to become healthier.
“Our research opens the possibility that manufacturers can intelligently design dark chocolate to reduce the overall fat content,” said Dr Soltanahmadi.
Co-author Professor Anwesha Sarkar added: “The location of the fat in the make-up of the chocolate which matters in each stage of lubrication, and that has been rarely researched.”
To carry out the study, the researchers designed and used an artificial ‘3D tongue-like surface’, which is set to be used again to analyse other foods, including margarine, cheese and ice cream.
24th January 2023
24th January 2023
23rd January 2023
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