(WGGB/WSHM) — More than 37 million people across the country have diabetes and cases of Type 2 diabetes are continuing to climb, particularly in younger people, according to the CDC.
Dr. Raju Panta, director of impatient diabetic services at Baystate, discussed some of the recent findings.
What are some of the symptoms of Type 2 diabetes?
Panta: “A lot of people may not experience when they have the diabetes, but when they do start, there could be increased urination, particularly at nighttime, increased thirst, fatigue, weight loss without any trying any kind of numbness to the feet, infections that don’t heal well, so those could be some of the warning signs that a person may have diabetes, but as I said, sometimes the symptoms do not exhibit and could go undiagnosed for some time.”
If you do have Type 2 diabetes, can it be reversed?
Panta: “So studies have shown that we don’t generally consider it as a reversable disease, having said that, it can go into remission, which means that with life style modification, diet, and also regular exercise and activity, it can’t go completely back to pre-diabetes range, or even towards normal glucose range, so it definitely can go into remission, because it can always come back, so we don’t say it’s completely curable, it can definitely go into remission.”
Ways you can prevent Type 2 diabetes?
Panta: “So there has been lots of studies done in this aspect actually, there is a diabetes prevention program from the CDC, and it has been shown that about 5-7% weight loss can decrease the risk of having diabetes by up to 58%, and that is actually more so in people older than 65 years of age, the risk goes down by 71%, so weight loss is a big factor, and along with of course regular activity and heathier choices.”
What are some of the treatments if you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes?
Panta: “So this is really exciting because historically we have very limited choices in types of medications, so of course exercise, diet and lifestyle play a vital roll, but over the past 10 years or so there has been huge progress in medication that can be used. Either it’s injectable medication or pills, depending on each patient’s needs, and there are some studies that actually show the prevention or delay for the progression of kidney disease along with helping diabetes. And some medications can help in the cardiovascular health care. So we do have a lot of options in comparison to some of the previous treatments we’ve had.”
What would be your one takeaway for the viewers to try to prevent Type 2 diabetes, what would your advice be for them?
Panta: “I think one of the important things really is focusing on lifestyle modification, dietary modification, and also stress plays a big role, some ways to have relaxation also goes a long way.”
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