Estonia’s longest-running charity Christmas show “Jõulutunnel” takes place again this year, and will broadcast live on Christmas Day, December 25. Donations via phone can already be made.
This year, the donations to “Jõulutunnel” will be used to obtain life-saving insulin pumps and medical supplies for children and adults with Type 1 Diabetes.
Around 6,000 people in Estonia suffer from Type 1 Diabetes, 800 of whom are children.
Additionally, more than 100 children are diagnosed suffering from the illness – which is an autoimmune disease which occurs when cells that create insulin get destroyed by the body’s immune system. Insulin pumps are small devices which deliver insulin through a thin tube inserted under the skin.
Far from being a “lifestyle disease,”,Type 1 Diabetes can strike without warning and without any obvious cause.
“Jõulutunnel” donations will provide support for the purchase of insulin pumps and medical supplies for those people who do not have the means to be able to do so themselves – for instance state-of-the-art insulin pumps cost around €4,000.
The Estonian health system does not cover all the costs incurred in managing a lifelong illness, making it even more important that ETV viewers donate wihat they can.
“Jõulutunnel” is partnering with the Estonian Diabetes Association (MTÜ Eesti Laste ja Noorte Diabeedi Ühing) in the drive, and the ‘phone lines are already open, ahead of the main broadcast on Christmas Day.
Three numbers are open (please note these are Estonian numbers which require calling from a domestic phone line):
900 77 01 (to donate €5).
900 77 02 (to donate €10).
900 77 03 (to donate €25).
“Jõulutunnel” will be broadcast on ETV and on ETV+, ERR’s Russian-language TV channel, with updates from 10 a.m.
The live broadcast starts at 6.45 p.m. and is hosted by ERR’s Margit Kilumets and Margus Saar (ETV) and on ETV+ half hour hour later, hosted by Margarita Tanajeva.
No commission is charged on calls and the donation reaches the Estonian Diabetes Association in its entirety. The donation will be reflected in the customer’s ‘phone bill for January.
Direct transfers can also be made to:
Payee: MTÜ Eesti Laste ja Noorte Diabeedi Ühing
Bank Account number: EE972200221047225180
Reference: Jõulutunnel
Last year’s “Jõulutunnel” had raised over €500,000 towards fighting cancer by Boxing Day, December 26.

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