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A health educator, Mrs Rachael Adeoti, says although universally, 30 minutes of exercise for at least five days a week is good to prevent complications of diabetes, such should only be done safely only after meals.
Mrs Adeoti spoke at the 2022 World Diabetes day celebration by the diabetes care team at University College Hospital (UCH), Ibadan in conjunction with the Diabetes Association of Nigeria (DAN), UCH chapter to provide blood pressure and blood glucose checks, educational talk on diabetes as well as counselling and referral opportunities for the community.
Adeoti said exercising after a meal each day, and especially a blood sugar check is important to improve blood sugar control, boost overall fitness, reduce risk of heart disease and stroke and improve well-being of patients.
According to her, although there is no food someone with diabetes cannot take; eating in moderation and alongside plenty of vegetables, good foot care and adherence to diabetes medications and doctors’ advice are very important factors.
Mrs Motunrayo Odunneye, an assistant chief dietician at UCH, Ibadan, said for persons living with diabetes, the quantity, quality and timing of meals are important both in the prevention and attainment of good blood sugar control.
According to her, appropriate lifestyle modification, particularly in Nigerians with a family history of diabetes, needs to have started by age 35 and women that developed diabetes when pregnant should see it as a pointer to an increased risk of developing diabetes in the future.
Dr William Balogun, a diabetes expert and father of the day, said increasing awareness of diabetes in Nigeria is important because emergencies due to diabetes, foot ulcer and other complications of diabetes, including stroke, blindness and kidney failure, are still very common.
According to him, the devastating effect of the disease had made it imperative that those living with diabetes, those with prediabetes and those who do not have diabetes keep the disease topmost in their minds to prevent its complications.
DAN’s South West Vice president, Chief Emmanuel Adeyinka, however, urged the government to remove tax duty on drugs for diabetes to ensure they are affordable and accessible to people living with the disease.

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