November 13, 2022
10:05 PM
Photo courtesy of Shea Allen.
From left: Donna Sibley, RD; Chelsea Henderson, member navigator; patient Nicole Gettridge with service dog SheRa Adora; Sara McDaniel, Medical Fitness program coordinator; Damian DeYampart, personal trainer.
When Nicole Gettridge learned she was diabetic she became motivated to face the illness head on. She wasn’t sure where to begin and at times felt overwhelmed until she was referred to Ascension St. Vincent’s One Nineteen. Nicole found the resources she needed all in one location. 
“The incredibly supporting staff at Ascension St. Vincent’s One Nineteen helped me lower my A1C and developed a meal plan to help manage my diabetes and weight loss,” explained Nicole. “I received nutrition counseling and participated in the diabetes fitness program. The staff has truly motivated and inspired me to make healthier food choices and remain physically active.”
Ascension St. Vincent’s One Nineteen offers those living with diabetes a multi-faceted approach  to diabetes management. 
“With fitness, education, and nutrition consultations, we’re able to offer a holistic plan to address diabetes and how to manage it,” said Chelsea Henderson, Fitness Member Navigator at Ascension St. Vincent’s One Nineteen. “As a member navigator, I’m able to connect our diabetes patients with our Medical Fitness Program, which is a 12-week program specifically designed to help those with diabetes.”
This year, 1.4 million Americans will receive a new diabetes diagnosis. They will join the more than 37.3 million Americans who already live with the disease.
“The staggering part about the statistics is that roughly 90 to 95 percent of those cases represent Type 2 diabetes, which is often preventable,” said Allison Chappell, DO, primary care provider at Ascension St. Vincent’s Greystone Village. “My hope as a provider is to help educate patients about the dangers of diabetes and also help patients make meaningful lifestyle changes that can often decrease their likelihood of developing diabetes.” 
“Diabetes has become so common that I think a lot of people forget or don’t realize that the disease can be associated with serious health complications like stroke, heart disease, kidney disease, blindness, and sometimes loss of extremities,” said Chappel.
Common symptoms of diabetes include frequent urination, feeling thirsty, feeling hungry often, extreme fatigue, blurry or worsening vision, wounds that are slow to heal, and tingling, pain or numbness in the hands or feet. 
“Most people who are pre-diabetic have no idea, but if we are able to catch these symptoms early, we have a much greater chance of helping patients implement lifestyle changes before a condition worsens,” said Chappell. “There are so many resources at Ascension St. Vincent’s for those living with pre-diabetes and Type 2 Diabetes. One amazing program we have is just up the road at Ascension St. Vincent’s One Nineteen.”
Chelsea Henderson explains that One Nineteen Fitness members can participate in a no-cost program with a personalized fitness routine created by a certified personal trainer at the facility. Nutrition consultations with a registered dietitian at the facility are typically covered by insurance, up to nine hours in many cases.
“We never want to meet with a patient once and send them on their way,” said Donna Sibley, RD. “Our goal is to meet with them throughout the 12-weeks that they’re working with our fitness staff, and help augment that program with the nutritional aspect of diabetes management.”
Sibley explains she usually begins consultations with discussing the difference between simple and complex carbohydrates. Other topics include macro nutrients, eating out, using convenience foods, grocery shopping, meal prep, snacking, meal services, and emotional eating. 
“We work to meet people where they are, nutritionally. We take what they’re currently eating and make simple swaps and changes so that real change is achievable,” said Sibley. 
To take part in the medical fitness program and nutrition counseling at One Nineteen, call Member Navigator Chelsea Henderson at 205-408-6516.
In addition to diabetes services at One Nineteen, Ascension St. Vincent’s offers both virtual and in-person diabetes management counseling through their certified Diabetes Management Program.
For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 205-939-7248. Referrals are required and can be faxed to 205-930-2931.
Submitted by Shea Allen, Ascension St. Vincent’s
November 13, 2022
10:05 PM
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