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MAINE, USA — One Mainer isn’t letting Type 1 diabetes get in the way of achievements she never thought were possible, like running a mile and even a marathon.
On Sunday, BJ Garceau hit the streets of the Big Apple for the New York City Marathon to raise money for the nonprofit Beyond Type 1.
Garceau was one of 50 Type 1 diabetics selected to run the marathon representing Beyond Type 1. NEWS CENTER Maine caught up with Garceau last month while she was training for the 26-miler.
On Sunday, she finished the race in a little over six hours. She said the thought that she was running for the entire Type 1 diabetes community kept her going.
“My thought is, ‘Would you run 26 miles to save someone you love?’ and the whole time in my head is, ‘I love everyone in the Type 1 community,'” Garceau said.
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The marathon poses some major challenges to anyone who lines up at the start, but the biggest challenge for Garceau was managing her blood sugar levels. She found that she didn’t pack enough supplies. Still, she crossed the line with a smile on her face.
“This kind of changes the stigma with it that we can be successful and that we can be athletic. That we’re not just these very ill people who need to be taken care of all the time,” she explained.
Garceau’s team raised more than $150,000, and she’s not done yet.
“I just want to know what’s next, honestly. Like, I’m just thinking in my head about what charity work I can do after this,” Garceau said. “It’s just kind of planted a seed in me that I want to do more now. I mean, my feet hurt, but emotionally I’m full.”
RELATED: Defying the limits of Type 1 diabetes: How one Mainer is leaving her mark
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