(WNDU) – More than 37 million Americans have diabetes. That’s about 11 percent of the U.S. population.
Keeping blood sugar under control can improve outcomes in patients, but that’s not always easy to do.
Now, doctors are using artificial intelligence to help! Researchers are now using the technology to help people with Type 2 diabetes get their disease under control.
“Diabetes is the leading cause of blindness,” explained Mary Vouyiouklis Kellis, an endocrinologist at the Cleveland Clinic. “It can also affect kidney function. It can affect nerves, it can increase the risk for lower limb amputation.”
One of the biggest problems patients face is getting their blood sugar levels under control.
“Over time, when blood sugar rises, it can lead to a lot of different complications,” Dr. Kellis explained.
In a new study, researchers looked at a technology that uses A.I. and the internet to gather data about a patient’s nutrition, physical activity, breathing, and sleep. Thousands of data points are collected via sensors. The info is delivered to doctors and patients to guide treatment decisions. Results showed nearly 84 percent of patients who used the tool achieved remission, which means they had normal blood sugar levels for at least three months without being on meds. The scientists say this is the highest reported rate of remission of Type 2 diabetes to date.
Helping people with diabetes live healthier lives and get off their medicines.
A new study from Twin Health shows remission may be possible for individuals with Type 2 diabetes.
This new approach integrates multiple data such as glucose and blood pressure values, food intake, weight and body fat data and heart rate, activity and sleep time from a fitness tracker to provide the patient with individualized nutrition and health guidance.
“The four most critical sensors are the continuous glucose monitor, the fitness tracker, the smart scale, and the blood pressure cuff”, Lisa Shah, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Twin Health explained.
The program is not a diet and does not restrict calories. Patients eat what they like, and an algorithm makes mini adjustments to improve nutrition.
Among the 199 patients with Type 2 diabetes in India who received the app-delivered lifestyle guidance, an “unprecedented” 84 percent of patients had remission of diabetes at six months, Dr. Paramesh Shamanna, medical director at Twin Health, noted. However, remission is not a cure because it could come back if the patient does not follow the lifestyle guidance.
The company has started a clinical trial in the U.S. with five-year results expected in 2027.
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