Christmas Cheer, a local nonprofit, is now accepting assistance and sponsorships for more than 1,400 children and 190 elderly residents in need this Christmas season. 
Clubs, churches, businesses, office groups, families, extended families, and individuals are invited to experience the joy of giving this Christmas. To help, call (336) 229-9969 or email
Christmas Cheer Executive Director Dawn Sternal said there are a variety of ways that you can help: 
Sponsor one or more children which include:  
Sponsor an elderly person, which includes:  
To select a child or elderly resident to sponsor, call (336) 229-9969 to make an appointment at the Christmas Cheer office, located at 331 S. Main St., Burlington. If you would prefer not to come into the office, you may either call or email and staff can help you select a family.    
If you are unable to sponsor a child but still wish to help, Christmas Cheer accepts various donations all year long.  
Donations accepted include:  
For more information, visit  
The following are some of the children and elderly who need assistance this year. The case number associated with each person or family is listed first, followed by a description. 
22-002-1: Caring for her 4-year-old daughter while working at a low-paying job, this mother struggles to make ends meet each month. Both she and her daughter have asthma. Her daughter needs shoes, long-sleeved shirts and leggings. She would love coloring and drawing supplies, Candy Land, and dress-up clothes. Her special wish is for a bike with training wheels (used is ok). Food or a gift card to Food Lion or Walmart would be greatly appreciated.
22-004-1: With her husband on dialysis for end-stage renal failure, this mother is working to pay their bills, but her low income barely covers their day-to-day expenses. Her daughter is a drum major and her special request is for a mace baton. She would also enjoy LED lights and a Fire TV stick, and she loves to read fiction books. Winter clothing (coat, shirts, jeans, shoes, underwear) would be appreciated and the family would appreciate food for a holiday meal.
22-005-1: Single mother is currently unemployed but looking for work. Her expenses exceed her income and without help, she will be unable to provide Christmas for her 10-year-old daughter. Her daughter enjoys craft kits to make jewelry, activity books, and hair & nail products, and she loves art. Winter clothing is needed as well (winter jacket, hat, gloves, leggings, and bell-bottom pants). Food for Christmas dinner would be welcome
22-001-2: Due to her husband’s severe health issues, Mom is the only wage-earner in this household. Dad has multiple sclerosis, high blood pressure, back problems, diabetes, and chronic migraines; he cannot be left alone for long, and cannot work. Without help, they will be unable to provide Christmas for their 2 children. Their 6-year-old son, who has a speech disability, needs a winter jacket and enjoys soccer Legos, Sonic Superhero, and cars/trucks. Their daughter (15) would enjoy art/drawing/craft supplies, hair/nails, bath/body and makeup, and a soft throw. Food for a holiday meal would be appreciated.
22-003-2: This disabled grandfather is caring for his 2 young grand-children while their mother is away serving in the military. He is on disability due to three back surgeries and ongoing back pain. Without help, he will be unable to provide Christmas for his family. They would appreciate non-perishable food or a gift card, and both children need winter clothes (jackets, jeans, tee shirts, shoes, and sweatshirts). His 2-year-old granddaughter enjoys Cocomelon, educational toys, and baby dolls. His 1-year-old grandson also enjoys Cocomelon, educational toys, and trucks/cars.
22-006-2: A single mother with two children is in school full-time while also working part-time to pay the bills. Her sons were both in a serious accident in June, resulting in her 9-year-old son had a concussion. The neurologist suggested he do virtual learning due to his severe headaches. This further reduces the amount of time Mom can work, as she needs to be there for her children. They would welcome food for the holidays, and both children need winter clothing. Her 9-year-old son would like a tire pump for his bike, Legos, and games for his PS4. His younger brother (2) would enjoy an educational toy/tablet, large Legos, and fire/rescue cars and trucks.
22-004-3: Unable to work due to the needs of her 11-year-old son, this single mother of three is existing on minimal child support and food stamps while waiting on an appeal for disability income. He has Dravet Syndrome, seizures, and severe autism. He is non-verbal, wears diapers, and operates on a toddler level. She is struggling to make ends meet, and without help, will be unable to provide Christmas for her family. The children all need winter clothing, and food for a holiday meal would be welcome. Her son would enjoy Backyardigan toys, Hot Wheels, soft (not hard) balls, sensory toys, and learning musical toys. Her 15-year-old daughter would enjoy Acrylic nail sets, makeup, a foot spy, and girly hair accessories. Her 16-year-old daughter enjoys Pokemon and Naruto and would appreciate a gift card for Xbox games. She also likes books (Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Skeleton Creek series).
22-005-3: A separated mother is working part-time due to transportation issues picking her son up from school. Her current income barely meets her expenses, and she is asking for help to provide Christmas for her children. Food and winter clothing for her children would be appreciated. Her 10-year-old daughter enjoys craft kits to make bracelets (beaded), and would enjoy a Mannequin head and combs. Her 9-year-old daughter would enjoy glue-on nails, a baby doll, a drone, and fidgets. Her son (4) would love Paw Patrol toys, water guns, and a ride-on toy that makes noise.
22-006-3: After having COVID during pregnancy, this single mother’s youngest child was born prematurely and suffered from all sorts of complications (hydrocephalus and non-verbal). She also lost her mother and has been going through post-partum depression from which she hasn’t recovered. Her three children need winter clothing, and all three would enjoy educational toys and books. Her oldest daughter (5) would also like a journal, dress-up clothes, and Frozen characters. Her son (3) enjoys Paw Patrol, Mickey Mouse, and construction toys/vehicles. Her youngest daughter (2) enjoys Disney characters, blocks, and puzzles.
22-001-4: Single mother with four children in school is struggling to pay the bills on her minimal wages. Her 9-year-old son is on the autism spectrum. Without help, she will not be able to provide Christmas for her children. The children all need clothing for the winter. Her 4-year-old son enjoys dinosaurs, jumbo blocks, and remote-controlled cars. Her 9-year-old son would enjoy Legos, Sonic the Hedgehog, and a skateboard. Her 6-year-old daughter would like LOL dolls, art supplies/sketch books, and roller skates. Her 14-year-old daughter also enjoys art supplies (sketch book, colored pencils, pastels), fantasy books and purses.
22-004-4: Having lost her job due to excess sick days taken while sick with COVID and the flu, this single mother is now working, but is struggling to catch up on past bills. Her son (12 years old) is on the autism spectrum. The children all need winter clothing. Her youngest daughter (6) enjoys Barbies and Disney princesses, unicorns and playing dress-up. Her son enjoys arts/crafts, science, Marvel comic books and Legos. Her two older daughters (13 and 14) enjoy makeup/hair & nails/bath & body, jewelry, and perfume.
22-006-4: Although this single mother is working, her income is barely enough to cover the expenses for her 4 children. She would appreciate help providing Christmas for her family. All children need coats, hats, and socks. Her 8-year-old daughters (twins) both enjoy arts & crafts and baby dolls with hair. One would also enjoy a diary and the other hair & nails/bath & body supplies. Her older son (15) would like a football, a watch, and a boxing video for his PlayStation 4. Her baby boy (18 months old) would enjoy educational toys, blocks, and stuffed animals.
22-007-4: The meager child support and food stamps this single mother receives are not enough to support her four young children, and she has nothing left over to provide Christmas gifts. Her oldest two daughters (8 and 7) both enjoy crayons and coloring books, hair & nails, LOL, and Barbie dolls. Her son (5) enjoys Hot Wheels, Legos, PJ Mask, and dinosaurs. Her youngest daughter (3) likes “Marsha and the Bear princess”, “Frozen”, and Mickey/Minnie Mouse. Her special wish is for a bike.
22-005-5: Having lost her mother (who was her biggest supporter) recently, this single mother works at a very low-paying job and gets no help from the father of her 5 daughters. Her 5-year-old is on the autism spectrum and has a service dog. Food for a holiday meal and winter clothing for the girls would be appreciated. Her 8-year-old enjoys books, memory/guessing games, LOL dolls, and Rainbow High dolls. Her 6-year-old enjoys JoJo Siwa, Barbie, and hair/nail products. Her 5-year-old enjoys Melissa & Doug sensory/learning toys, Peppa Pig, and hard-cover books. Her two youngest daughters (3 and almost 2) enjoy playing food/kitchen items, Minnie Mouse/Cocomelon/Baby Shark, and mega blocks.
22-007-5: This married couple with five children is struggling to make ends meet on Dad’s meager salary. Their 7-year-old son has a speech delay and is getting therapy. Without help, they will be unable to provide Christmas for their family. The children all need winter clothing, and food for Christmas would be welcome. Their 12-year-old son would enjoy mystery books, a wallet, and a skateboard. Their 10-year-old daughter enjoys art/drawing supplies, craft kits (to make jewelry), and books (Dork Diaries). Their 7-year-old son enjoys Spiderman, Legos, and a skateboard. Their 6-year-old daughter would enjoy a kitchen set or Easy Bake oven, Barbie or baby doll, and coloring/drawing supplies. Their youngest son (3) enjoys dinosaurs, cars/trucks/fire trucks, and Paw Patrol.
22-500-1: Currently living with a friend to share expenses, this single mother is struggling to pay her day-to-day expenses and will not be able to provide Christmas for her son without help. Her son (10 years old) has ADHD, and behavioral and learning disabilities. She would appreciate food and winter clothing for her son (especially a heavy coat, socks, and underwear). He enjoys drawing and craft kits, sports (football, baseball, and basketball), and remote control vehicles. His special wish is for a bicycle (used is fine).
22-501-1: Living with her parents while struggling to find housing, this Mom has a bipolar disorder(anxiety specific) and has had a lower back fusion with rods inserted. Her 2-year-old son has Down syndrome, and she is expecting a second child in February. Food for the family would be appreciated, and her son needs winter clothes. He enjoys Bluey, Paw Patrol, and Sesame Street. Developmental toys with stimulating lights and sound would be wonderful.
22-500-2: Living with her brother to share expenses, this divorced mother of two is struggling to pay her bills on her low-paying job. Both of her children are dyslexic and she’s working with them on their reading skills. The children need winter clothing (shirts, jeans, jackets, shoes, underwear, and socks), and food for a holiday meal would be welcome. Her daughter (10) would enjoy jewelry, a Reversible Octopus Plushie, and art/drawing supplies. Her son (8) would enjoy a PlayStation card to buy a game, a fishing rod/tackle, and a fuzzy throw or blanket.
22-500-3: Suffering from a ruptured disc and degenerative back issues, this single mother of 3 is having difficulty paying her bills with no help from the children’s father. She would be grateful for food for a memorable holiday meal, and her sons all need winter clothing. Her 4-year-old son likes Scooby Doo, Mickey Mouse, Marvel super-heroes, and cars/trucks. Her 13-year-old would enjoy a skateboard, football, and gift card for Nintendo Switch games. Her oldest (17) would enjoy a basketball, Legos, and a gift card for Xbox games. All three children would love to get bedding for their beds
22-701-1: Caring for her son who suffers from asthma, this single mother is struggling to meet the basic expenses for her family. Her son (6) needs winter clothing, and they would also enjoy food for a holiday meal. He enjoys science kits, Legos/Transformers, and drawing supplies. His special wish is for a bicycle.
22-705-1: Working part-time and looking for a second job, this single mother would appreciate winter clothes for her son and help with Christmas gifts this year. She has mental health issues (ADHD, bi-polar disease, and depression) and was recently homeless after escaping a domestic violence situation. Her son would enjoy Legos, fiction books, and a remote control car. He loves learning about outer space and his special wish is for a telescope.
22-701-2: After this single mother of two was laid off from her employment, her car broke down. She can’t afford to get it fixed and has no way to find a new job. Her son (almost 4) would enjoy a learning tablet, Marvel action figures, and books. His special wish is for a bike. Her daughter (almost 8) would enjoy baby dolls, Princess play sets, craft sets, and a science kit.
22-702-2: Caring for her two children with very little support from their father, this single mother is working at a low-paying job and struggling to pay her bills. Her children need winter clothing. Her daughter (4) would enjoy a baby doll with clothes and a stroller, a craft kit or activity book, and Minnie Mouse toys. Her son (10) enjoys action figures, science (would love a kit to make slime), and a skateboard.
22-702-3: Caring for three children with special needs and her mother who has heart and kidney disease, this single mother of three is struggling to meet day-to-day expenses. Her car broke down and required extensive repairs. Her two sons are on the autism spectrum and her daughter has ADHD. The children all need winter clothes. Her 13-year-old son would enjoy Transformers, Legos, and art/drawing supplies. Her daughter (12) would enjoy Lego Friend sets, Barbie, and hair & nails/bath & body products. Her younger son (10) enjoys Sonic the Hedgehog, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Nascar.
22-703-3: Single mother with three children is not currently working. Her twin sons (15 years old) were born prematurely and both have developmental delays (one more serious than the other). They are both in EC classes. Her normal expenses exceed her income, and without help, she will be unable to provide Christmas for her children. Her daughter (11 years old) would enjoy a ‘girly’ skateboard, food for her Easy Bake Oven, and a gift card to Claire’s for jewelry. Her sons would both enjoy science kits to make slime, board games, and gift cards to purchase games for their Xbox. The children all need winter clothing, and food for a holiday meal would be appreciated.
22-704-3: In order to care for her two pre-school-age children, this single mother of three is not working outside the home. She lives with her cousin to share expenses. Her 4-year-old son has ITP (immune thrombocytopenia). The children’s father gives some money each month, but it is not enough to live on. The children need winter clothing, and food for Christmas would be welcome. Her daughter (8) would enjoy a Stitch plush toy, doll, and tablet. Her older son (4) would enjoy trucks/cars, Toy Story figures, and a tablet. The two older children would love to have bikes as well (special request). Mom would love blocks, trucks/cars and a light-up toy for her baby.
22-900-1: After being hospitalized for four months in 2021 due to a serious traumatic brain injury, this single mother has struggled to make ends meet. She lives with her sister to share expenses. Her 13-year-old son has mild autism and needs winter clothing. He enjoys NY Yankees baseball items (Aaron Judge is his favorite player). He would enjoy a tablet for stimulation (he operates on a 10- or 11-year level), comic books, puzzles, and cards
22-900-2: Single father raising two children is struggling to make ends meet and is requesting help to provide Christmas for his two children. Food for the holidays and jeans and shirts for his children would be appreciated. His daughter (8 years old) would enjoy a baby doll, makeup and clothes for dress-up, and arts/craft supplies. His son (age 13) would enjoy a remote control vehicle, books about football, and a science kit.
22-E-001: Suffering from fibromyalgia, lupus, and degenerative disc disease, this elderly lady has recently had a stroke and has lingering effects from it. She lives on Social Security and disability and receives Meals on Wheels. She would enjoy tennis shoes, slippers, stationary & stamps, and laundry detergent.
22-E-004: After her daughter died a year ago, this elderly lady lives alone and her grandson helps her. She suffers from sinus issues, high blood pressure, and blood issues. She is stooped over due to severe arthritis. She would enjoy warm night-gowns, slippers, and toiletries. A gift card to Food Lion would also be most welcome.
22-E-005: An elderly lady with multiple health issues would enjoy being remembered this Christmas. She has diabetes, heart & kidney issues, high blood pressure, and suffers from memory and cognitive issues as a result of a stroke. She would enjoy any toiletries (no fragrance), sweat pants, pullover tops, and word search/adult coloring books. She would also appreciate a gift card to Walmart for food.
22-E-006: Having recently lost her son, this elderly lady lives on a fixed income and suffers from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and urinary problems. Her grandson stays with her for safety reasons. She would appreciate being remembered at Christmas with toiletry items, a double blanket, and bath towels. A Food Lion gift card would help with food.
22-E-007: A widow lady living alone with multiple health issues would love to be remembered at Christmas. She has high blood pressure, diabetes, ulcers, and kidney disease that now requires in-house dialysis, and gout. She would love to have a small turkey for Christmas. She needs bath and kitchen towels, cleaning supplies, underwear, and a new Bible. A Food Lion gift card would help this lady with her food if possible.
22-E-009: Living alone on a fixed income, this elderly lady has multiple medical issues (diabetes, high blood pressure, congestive heart failure, glaucoma, and renal failure). She has dietary restrictions due to her medical issue. She would love a pair of bedroom slippers, pajamas, and a cotton, short-sleeved robe. Some toiletries and paper products would be appreciated. A gift card to Food Lion would help with food for a nice Christmas dinner
22-E-010: Depending only on her Social Security and food stamps, this elderly lady lives alone. She’s had several urinary tract infections this year that has caused a burden on her small income. She would appreciate toiletry items, reading glasses, a queen-sized blanket, and bath towels. She would love a Walmart gift card to help with food.


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