Pancreatic cancer is a silent disease but new study has found a way to diagnose it up to three years in advance
Balanced diet, adequate sleep & weight management among ways to healthy life after breast cancer
Sleeping less than 5 hrs can cause multiple chronic diseases by the time you turn 50, says study
Did you know that obesity can have a huge impact on your heart and also trigger several other health problems? Starting from diabetes to heart failure, here’s why it is bad for you.
A person whose body mass index is over 30 is said to suffer from obesity. Experts define obesity as a condition in which the body stores excessive amounts of body fat. Obesity increases the risk of diseases such as heart failure, high blood pressure & cholesterol, diabetes, etc.
Obesity can be caused by genetic formation, hormonal influences and eating habits. This condition is also triggered by physiological, environmental factors and lifestyle.
Obesity in simple terms is the presence of excessive fat in the body. The bad fat present in the body disrupts the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar levels.
Did you know that obesity can cause diabetes that further increases the possibility of having a heart problem? Studies suggest that people with diabetes are said to be two to four times more likely at risk of developing a heart problem.
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