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Matthew Nanney and Freund pose for a photo at their matching ceremony on Oct. 26. They will graduate from training on Saturday.

Matthew Nanney and Freund pose for a photo at their matching ceremony on Oct. 26. They will graduate from training on Saturday.
FARMVILLE — A Farmville boy who needed assistance to manage his type 1 diabetes is getting a helping paw.
Matthew Nanney, a 10-year-old who loves the outdoors, can now hunt, fish and go to school with fewer worries because his new friend Freund can detect and alert Matthew to dangerous blood sugar changes.
Eyes Ears Nose & Paws of Chapel Hill is a nonprofit that trains Labrador retrievers, golden retrievers and goldadors to become mobility service or medical alert dogs. It organized training sessions for Matthew before pairing him with the perfect pooch.
During the first two days of training, Matthew spent time learning cues, alerts, loose leash walking and grooming. A matching ceremony for Matthew and Frund was held on Oct. 26, according to Eyes Ears Nose & Paws (EENP).
Due to the severity of his condition, Matthew’s mother, Jessica, monitors his blood glucose levels from her phone throughout the day. When they fall out of a safe range of each other, she must contact school officials to ensure he receives timely treatment.
Occasionally, his condition prevents him from participating in everyday activities like recess, the organization said. Matthew also enjoys being outdoors and participating in hunting and fishing tournaments with his family. Now with Freund’s help, Matthew can manage his condition more effectively and independently.

“Freund is a happy little ray of sunshine. He is always excited to go on any adventure. He is also just as happy napping the day away,” said Client Services Specialist Hanna Baum.
When he’s on the job, Freund will alert Matthew and Jessica if Matthew’s blood sugar goes out of range so they can treat it.
EENP is an accredited member of Assistance Dogs International and partners with the state correctional system to teach inmates to train service dogs. Freund was trained by people in the At Both Ends of the Leash (ABEL) program at Caswell Correctional Center and Warren Correctional Institution.
The ABEL program is aimed at training the dogs while simultaneously giving the trainers a chance to improve themselves. EENP believes the support of their staff, volunteers and donors “demonstrates to the trainers that people care about them, are invested in their success, and value them for the good they are accomplishing now rather than judging them for the mistakes they made in the past.”
The dogs spend 12-18 months in the ABEL program and rotate out of the prisons for one week each month. During this time, the dogs are trained in settings that aren’t available in prisons. Following completion of the ABEL program, the dogs are matched with a client.
To celebrate the pairing and the completion of the program, EENP will host a Client-Dog Team Graduation on Saturday.
Contact Ariyanna Smith at and (252)-653-2368.
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Greenville, NC 27834
Main Phone: 252-329-9500
Customer Care Phone: 252-329-9505

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