SAYRE, Pa. (WBNG) — November is Diabetes Awareness Month. The purpose of the month is to raise awareness of diabetes and how the disease affects those that have it.
There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2, and according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, nearly 1.25 million people have the disease, with Type 2 being the most common.
There are differences between the two types, with Type 1 meaning that the body’s pancreas, or where insulin is produced, can no longer make insulin. This means those diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes will rely on taking insulin their entire lives.
Type 2 is when the body has grown resistant to the insulin the body produces, allowing for the blood sugar to increase.
Dr. Sahzene Yavuz is an endocrinologist for Guthrie. She said that while the initial diagnosis of diabetes can be scary, and there are some consequences for not taking care of the disease, she said that once they understand the hurdles, it’s much easier for them to manage.
Dr. Yavuz mentioned there have been medical advances in the last few decades that allow people living with diabetes to manage it better. New technologies such as insulin pumps, continuing glucose monitoring systems, and many other advances have allowed people more freedom to control their diseases.
She said that the main cause of Type 2 diabetes is poor diet and lack of exercise. Dr. Yavuz said that for people with Type 2 diabetes, there is a period called pre-diabetes, which gives those with that diagnosis the ability to change their diet and make lifestyle changes to delay the onset of diabetes.
For more information on the disease, visit the CDC website here.
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