Did you know that the main source of calories in the American diet is refined flour? A typical American supposedly eats 55 pounds of wheat flour, but what they don’t know is that the effects that these bread products have on the body are sadly little known. For instance, bread significantly raises blood sugar levels more than any other food, as demonstrated in numerous research papers. Of course, it is difficult to hold people accountable because bread is one of the tastiest foods to eat. It is also difficult to contest how much comfort warm bread and butter provides.
Would you be interested if there was another way to enjoy the comfort and flavor of bread while also putting health first and avoiding wheat? Founder of Healing Gourmet, and the creator behind Keto Breads, Kelley Herring insists that a hidden compound in bread makes it nearly impossible for people to succeed in their weight loss journeys. There is no better day than today to introduce the infamous Keto Breads cookbook.

What is Keto Breads?

Keto Breads is a cookbook written by Kelley Herring, a nutritional biology major with over 20 years of experience who has published numerous books, cookbooks, and programs with a focus on a low sugar, no grain, anti-inflammatory diet. This cookbook offers 35 recipes that took more than ten years to perfect for making different types of bread, from bagels to buns and pita. In addition, a comprehensive baking program with advice on how to make grain-free bread, even for inexperienced bakers, can be expected. Kelly’s goal is to make it possible for everyone to enjoy the taste of bread without the negative consequences of consuming grain! Let’s take some time to analyze the Keto Breads’ core principles to determine how well she did in this regard.

How did Keto Breads come to be?

Following Kelly’s discovery of the health risks associated with traditional bread making, Keto Breads was created. The discovery starts with the concept of gluteomorphin, and how breads are responsible for their existence. It has been suggested that gluteomorphin activates opioid receptors in the brain, making one feel pure bliss and almost intoxicated by the taste, consequently, encouraging the habit of returning for one more bite.
While there may be a fleeting sense of pleasure, one cannot ignore the very real side effects. Following the consumption of bread, the majority of people report feeling lethargic or foggy in addition to possibly gaining fat around their organs. This is primarily because wheat is thought to have the highest glycemic index. Therefore, the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, or metabolic syndrome is present and could seriously harm the gut.

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Then a second substance known as lectin comes into play. Lectin, a common protein found in bread, is thought to attack the gut and, over time, can lead to leaky gut, a condition that goes beyond simple stomach issues. In fact, it could present itself in the forms of rashes, achy joints, and depression, to name a few. Even if people feel perfectly fine after eating wheat, this does not change the fact that harmful activities are taking place in the body. Approximately 50% of people live with gluten-based diseases, such as celiac, but they may not have any digestive symptoms. Put differently, this indicates that the body may still be highly sensitive to wheat despite the absence of any overt symptoms.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What features does Keto Breads have?

If individuals were to put recipes aside for a second and focus solely on the information aspect of Keto Breads. There are several useful features worth noting. From our examination, the main features worth prioritizing include:

  • Accurate bread illustrations that can be reproduced at home
  • A list of the top brands and to-the-gram specifications for the best outcomes
  • A thorough nutritional evaluation of every recipe, including information on calories, macronutrient ratios, and more
  • Step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow for each recipe
  • Remarks on whether the recipes follow other dietary requirements and lifestyle preferences

Are recipes in Keto Breads safe for consumption?

It might be safe for people with diabetes and/or autoimmune diseases because the recipes in Keto Breads are low in carbohydrates. Since Kelly is not qualified to give medical advice, it is probably best to consult a doctor before starting the ketogenic diet. The latter holds true for just about anyone, whether it be a pregnant or nursing mother, healthy people, or people with a pre-existing medical condition.

What sets Keto Breads apart from other ketogenic cookbooks?

Keto Breads stands out from the competition because each recipe uses ingredients that work to improve health, not harm it. Additionally, these recipes are designed to increase metabolism, aid in the process of sculpting a lean body, and make the journey tasteful and enjoyable.

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How are the recipes different from traditional Gluten-free bread?

As with most processed foods, typical gluten-free bread contains inflammatory seed oils, corn and rice syrup, and chemical preservatives. They also frequently include lectins on top of all that! Any bread made with rice, corn, beans, buckwheat, barley, rye, teff, or quinoa that is labeled gluten-free may still contain the gut attacking protein. Furthermore, it is claimed that these alternatives will still have a negative impact on blood sugar levels. Instead of using such harmful ingredients, the recipes in Keto Breads concentrate on creating bread that tastes authentic without the use of grains, gluten, or carbohydrates.

What types of recipes can be found in Keto Breads?

Kelly’s modernized versions of traditional foods include the authentic keto bread, keto burger buns, keto slider buns, keto drop biscuits, keto pita pockets, sesame onion sandwich bread, and keto pizza crusts.

Is Keto Breads vegan-friendly?

No, a large percentage of recipes do include dairy and eggs, but Kelly provides alternatives so that those with special dietary needs are able to use this cookbook. However, people should be aware that the final product might not exactly match the pictures provided.

What is the preparation and baking times for Keto Breads’ recipes?

Preparation takes between 10 and 15 minutes on average. These recipes for quick bread don’t use yeast. In other words, the ingredients can be baked as soon as they are combined and formed into a sheet pan. As for the baking times, they range from 30 minutes to an hour.

Do Keto Breads’ recipes call for machinery?

No, Keto Breads don’t require equipment because the chosen ingredients won’t blend well in them. These recipes also don’t call for kneading, so using additional equipment like bread machines is not advised.

How long do Keto Breads’ recipes remain fresh?

The recipes for Keto Breads are all-natural, so they only keep for up to 10 days. There is definitely the option to freeze them for long-term storage, but all breads must be completely cooled before being stored away.

What nutritional factors has been considered in Keto Breads?

Kelly promises to have incorporated 19 distinct measurements, including breakdowns of the calories, carbs, fat, protein, minerals, and micronutrients. Each serving of each recipe also contains no more than 5g net carbs, an average of 154mg of sodium, and about 115 calories.

Do Keto Breads’ recipes call for expensive ingredients?

No, making bread by following the instructions provided in Keto Breads typically costs less than $0.75 per serving.

Why are metal baking dishes recommended over glass dishes?

Glass takes longer to heat up because it is an insulator, whereas metal pans heat up and cool down quickly, making them the preferred vessel for baking at high temperatures for a short period of time.

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How long will it take for the physical copy of Keto Breads to arrive?

Physical copies of Keto Breads could take between 5 and 10 business days to arrive on average. Of course, people should be aware that there are several factors that influence delivery, and that delays may occur from time to time.

Is Keto Breads protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, Keto Breads has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. For people who aren’t entirely happy with the process or the final product, customer support should be contacted within the first 60 days from the purchase date to initiate the refund process. The best ways to establish communication include:

  • Email: info@healinggourmet.com.
  • Phone: 1 (801) 948 0165
  • Return Address: 2614 Tamiami Trail B Ste #219, Naples, FL 34103.

How much does Keto Breads cost?

Two price options are currently available for Keto Breads at checkout. These include:

  • Instant Digital Keto Breads Only: $17 each
  • Instant Digital and Physical Copy of Keto Breads: $17 each + applicable shipping and handling.

Meet Kelly Herring

Kelly Herring is the creator of Healing Gourmet, a website dedicated to health where users can access detailed articles, cookbooks, and other resources for nutrition education. One of her many successes is Keto Breads, which supports people who are following the ketogenic diet as well as those who have food sensitivities related to carbohydrates. Our editorial team was shocked to learn that her final destination—Healing Gourmet—was not what she had imagined for herself. It turns out that she was actually working toward a career in medicine until she was plagued by persistent illnesses, weakness, and fatigue.
With all of these unwanted side effects, she also had to deal with her anxiety and stress as a pre-med student. Things worsened once her flaws became apparent, especially with her digestive system in constant distress. Naturally, her primary source of advice as a pre-med student was her primary care physician, and this turned out to be the pivotal moment for her. Every doctor she saw gave her a different diagnosis and prescribed her various pills (i.e., antivirals, antibiotics, and corticosteroids). She soon became frustrated by the fear these experts had instilled in her and noticed that no one had ever inquired about her diet.
Ignoring the advice given to her, she began weighing the advantages and disadvantages of her diet, and soon enough, her energy returned. She made changes as she came to understand what her body accepted and rejected, which she did consistently until all of her physical woes vanished. Her realization of the real cause came only after she underwent testing for food allergies and intolerances. After learning the importance of nutrition as a result of her experience, she founded Healing Gourmet in the summer of 2000.
What does Kelly think the lesson to be learned from this story is? As she put it in her own words:
“Realize that the cause – and the cure – for most diseases are in your hands. They can be found in the decisions you make about what you put in your mouth and how you live your life. Of course, I am not suggesting that if you have a serious medical condition that you should treat yourself. I am suggesting that you question everything […] take responsibility for your health […] seek your own answers […] do your own research and demand the healing paradigm that serves YOU the best!”

Final Thoughts

Keto Breads is a keto-focused cookbook with a variety of bread recipes that use less than 5g of net carbohydrates, as the title suggests. The aim of Kelly’s cookbook is not just to provide ketogenic substitutes. According to her, traditional bread recipes contain a substance called gluteomorphin that makes us crave more. It also doesn’t help to know that breads generally have the highest glycemic index, which leads to poor gut and digestive health and robs people of wellness.

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Therefore, Keto Breads is a resource that people can use to take control of their health. Even though this cookbook is solely focused on breads, the diversity it reflects impressed our editorial team. We found the level of detail presented to be equally appealing, whether it be through the nutritional analysis and step-by-step instructions or the photographs that accurately depict each bread. Kelly’s dedication to nutrition and commitment to good customer service are evident in her efforts, which we strongly believe adds value to Keto Breads. To learn more about Keto Breads, click here>>>.


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