Enterex Diabetic, a delicious nutritional shake specially formulated for people with diabetes, is launching a new strawberry 16-pack in over 2,800 Walmarts across the country.  The leading retailer requested the new presentation thanks to strawberry’s popularity. Enterex Diabetic 16-packs will start making an appearance in Walmart stores, as well as on Walmart.com, at the end of October 2023, just in time for November, National Diabetes Month.
Enterex Diabetic contains a unique blend of fibers and slow digesting carbohydrates that help prevent spikes in blood sugar and support blood sugar management when used as part of a diabetes managements plan.  It is also high in protein, antioxidants and vitamin D, nutrients that not only provide good nutrition, but also support immune system health, an added benefit for people with diabetes who have a higher risk of infections and complications from infections.  Enterex Diabetic also provides 25% or more of the daily requirements for most vitamins and minerals that are essential to human nutrition, making it one of the most nutritionally complete and balanced shakes on the market.
About Enterex Diabetic
Manufactured/produced by Megalabs USA and made with the consumer in mind, Enterex Diabetic was originally launched over 15 years ago, but has been reformulated several times, over the years to keep abreast of the latest diabetes and nutrition recommendations as well as consumer preferences and trends.  Enterex Diabetic contains no fructose or other refined sugars known to be harmful to health, is gluten-free, and is lactose intolerance-friendly].  Enterex Diabetic strives to be not just good nutrition, but also an enticing treat with a delicious flavor that consumers can enjoy in their quest for pursuit of better nutrition and diabetes management. Enterex Diabetic can be used not only as a nutritional supplement, but also as an occasional meal replacement as part of a weight management plan.
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