ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – November is American Diabetes Month and Mayo Clinic in Rochester is working on a new treatment that could make living with diabetes much easier.
Around 37 million Americans have diabetes and around 96 million have pre-diabetes.
Researchers at Mayo Clinic are working to find a way to treat type two diabetes and checking glucose levels without needle sticks.
The research is led by Mayo Clinic’s director of Endoscopy.
The team is studying a new device that uses electrical pulses to treat the small intestine that can be done once a year or less, effectively eliminating needle sticks.
Right now the device is in clinical trials and the team is currently enrolling patients all across the country for the trial.
“Type 2 diabetes is a silent killer so often people don’t know that they have it until it’s too late until there’s kidney damage or loss of vision, other issues that are hard to reverse. So, we’re really passionate about being on the cutting edge of a new treatment,” Mayo Clinic Director of Endoscopy Dr. Andrew Storm said.
Some of the symptoms of diabetes and pre-diabetes include blurry vision, urinating often and finding that you’re always thirsty.
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