If the fall selection at Aldi has kept you coming back for more, you'll definitely want to get your hands on the new finds coming to stores in November. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, Aldi is filling its shelves with sweet-tart cranberries, savory herbs and lots of tasty options that include fall and winter veggies.
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We've rounded up some of the most exciting items hitting shelves next month, so you can add them to your grocery list and keep your eyes peeled—after all, Aldi finds are in high demand, and you never know how long they'll be in stock.
Available as early as November 2, this frozen vegan option is a helpful buy for those looking to plan ahead or host an early Friendsgiving meal for folks who are eating meatless. Both options are seasoned with classic Thanksgiving spices, but for those looking to amp up flavor, the Herb Turkey Breast is the way to go. Each of these faux poultry choices is a tad high in sodium with either 510 or 540 milligrams of sodium per serving—that's more than our nutrition philosophy would recommend, but it's important to enjoy your Thanksgiving and include foods everyone can eat. Just consider offering a different option if you're serving folks who need to eat a heart-healthy or diabetes-friendly meal. Pick up a box for $4.99.
Usually, we wait until after Thanksgiving is over to remix and repurpose our leftovers into something new and delicious—but these stuffed pastas make those flavors available long before you start roasting the turkey. The turkey-cranberry option is stuffed with cheese, roasted turkey, stuffing and cranberries for a mini holiday smorgasbord in a single bite. Serve it up with a pan-gravy sauce, as the package recommends, or even with brown butter and fresh herbs for an easy meal. There's also the bourbon-sweet potato variety, which is also stuffed with cheese for a sweet-savory option. The package recommends serving with an orange-whiskey glaze, but you could double-down on the fall flavor with a butternut squash- or pumpkin-based sauce, too. In stores beginning November 2, each package will cost you $3.39.
Here's a surefire way to make Thanksgiving prep—and leftovers remixing—quick and easy. Use this stock to expedite the gravy-making process or as a base for turkey soup in the aftermath of your big meal. (We're partial to this Turkey & Wild Rice Soup with Vegetables, by the way.) Each 32-ounce carton costs just $1.69 and will be available starting November 2, so be sure to *ahem* stock up.
Yep, Aldi is even bringing seasonal vibes to your morning smoothie. These fruity freezer packs make it easy to blend up your quick morning drink, snack or post-workout beverage in a jiffy. Each mix includes pineapple, banana, cranberry, blueberry and lemon for something tart, bright and fresh. To make matters even sweeter, each of these pouches is free of added sugar, so you can appreciate the natural deliciousness of the fruit with every sip. Snag a bag of four pouches for $6.99 beginning November 9.
Not every meal you enjoy this November needs to be Thanksgiving-inspired. These little crab cakes still have an air of celebration—they would look pretty luxurious served with a homemade remoulade and a sprinkle of fresh herbs—but with a little seaside taste of summer as well. Each package comes with four cakes that you can heat up in mere minutes, then serve with your favorite accouterments, whether it's lemon wedges and air-fryer fries or a pretty salad of Bibb lettuce and a favorite dressing. Each package costs $5.99 and is available starting November 9.
Expanding your drinks selection this holiday season (or football season) doesn't have to include a big batch cocktail or mocktail. With a cooler full of these sparkling juices, available in classic cranberry cider and cranberry-ginger cider, you know you'll have something nonalcoholic for the non-drinkers and a delicious mixer for those who want to imbibe. Each pack of four glass bottles costs just $3.99 and will be available beginning November 9.
Thin crust pizza lovers, this one's for you. This barbecue-inspired pie comes topped with smoky sauce, plenty of cheese, chicken sausage, cilantro and red onion. You won't find this Mama Cozzi's option with the take-and-bake pizzas in the refrigerated section—this sweet potato-based pizza is a frozen option you can keep on hand for busy days. Snag a pizza that serves four for $5.95 starting November 23.
Folks who love pizza but still want to sneak in some veggies may also want to try this new take-and-bake flatbread. The cauliflower-based crust is topped with cheese, Italian sausage, kale, onions, tomatoes and a garlic cream sauce. Each pizza serves three for a quick weeknight meal. Just be aware that the saturated fat and sodium content is pretty high in this pie, with 12 grams and 670 mg, respectively, per serving. That's more than we would recommend eating in a single meal, particularly if you need to aim for a heart-healthy or diabetes-friendly eating pattern. You could help mitigate the surplus saturated fat and sodium content by dishing up smaller servings and supplementing the flatbread with a yummy Caesar salad or a quick tomato soup. Try one for yourself for $6.99 beginning November 23.
On a chilly night, heating up one of these frozen pasta meals would be the perfect way to stay warm and cozy with some low-effort comfort food. These rich dishes—both the cheese-stuffed gnocchi with sausage cream sauce and the mushroom-packed fusilli Alfredo with white truffle sauce—will be available starting November 30 for $7.49.
That's right—it's finally time to look toward the December holidays, too. Aldi will bring back some of its holiday sweet treats beginning November 23, but you'll have to wait an extra week to get your hands on this adorable addition to your holiday charcuterie board. This Holland-imported gouda is cut into cute little holiday tree shapes for a festive touch that you could pair with sliced apples, your favorite crackers and other fun crudités and dips. Snag a package of 14 trees beginning November 30 for $4.49.


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