Diabetes is a major killer of humans. It is very dangerous. It comes third or fourth after the chief killers namely, heart attacks and strokes. Anyone can develop diabetes by simply eating the wrong foods- by following the sweet path of ‘ignorance is bliss..’ But it makes your life very unpleasant and shortens it greatly. Also, the cost of treating diabetes with insulin has become sky high.
After reading this article, you may decide to take a very great interest in the new scientific reports coming from the USA by medical and food researchers and other specialists in this field.
As in Sri Lanka, in America there is an epidemic of diabetes – millions of Americans have developed it and researchers are working hard to find the true causes of this epidemic. As a result of this research they are learning about different types of food, what food to avoid and what is the best for humans.
They find that lack of general fitness and lack physical exercise over many years contributes to the onset of diabetes and conversely, physical activity can help to avert this disaster. There are strong signals that lack of robust exercise, and this excessive over-consumption of carbohydrates, are the major causes of diabetes.
Exercise makes the heart pump more blood round the body bringing nutrients and this blood reaches the brain and vitalizes it. That, and a good night’s sleep prevents dementia in older people.
It is unfortunate to see beautiful young women putting on unsightly weight as they grow older. When asked why, they respond they get served too much rice at home by their mothers which they are then obliged to eat or appear odd and rebellious.
The human body is a complex of interconnections, of biological and chemical systems, of organs all interacting, supporting, balancing and so on.. the various body systems and functions. And it all comes without a set of operating instructions. 
The US Government is financing research in this area because it is a massive problem and costly for all involved. American researchers, all medically trained, are examining human cases to see what is causing it and how to reduce its adverse effects on human lives. Some doctors claim they can reverse diabetes, if caught in the early stages of the progression of the disease.
Then comes the other area of what vitamin supplements are needed to achieve and maintain good health, especially in later life.
All US researchers say that smoking is bad for your health, and so is drinking alcoholic drinks, but to a lesser extent. One researcher showed a slice of white bread and says this is equivalent to five teaspoons of carbohydrate. The body will use one teaspoonful but will react adversely to the other four and will work to neutralize them like a poison. The major point to make here is that we regularly eat enormous overloads of carbohydrates. So we get overweight and eventually, our body gets sick.
Our bodies are multi-fuel burners. We can use carbohydrates, proteins from meat, and fat. We burn these at different rates. Our bodies absorb carbohydrates very quickly. It comes as a big, sudden boost of food, and subsides just as quickly, and soon, you feel hungry again and want to eat more.
Eating meat is better, this is absorbed more slowly, giving you a gentle, more prolonged boost of energy, but the best food is to eat fat which doesn’t spike your insulin but gives a long low, prolonged source of energy..
The researchers say that if you do intermittent fasting this starving burns off excessive body fat and your systems can rest and recuperate from this activity. In addition, experts say, this will also prolong your lifespan.
Doctors warn not to take advice from the internet and accept it, but certainly get information and ideas from the internet and then discuss them with health professionals and your doctor. 
CAVEAT: The information given above has been gained from the large amount of information in short film clips to be found on YouTube. Always consult your doctor for advice on health matters.
PH. Oct/2022
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