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It’s a disease with no cure that impacts every decision someone with it makes.
But you can join in and help find a cure.
The JDRF One Walk to end Type 1 Diabetes is Saturday, November 12th at Scheels Arena.
Friends, family and supporters walk to raise money and research to try and cure the disease.
16-year-old Jarin Monson is one of this year’s ambassadors.
He was diagnosed when he was just two years old.
Growing up in the small town of Hannaford, North Dakota, he didn’t know anyone else growing up who dealt with insulin and glucose monitors.
That is until he became part of JDRF.
He explains, “It made me feel like I could relate to the people that were there and not be the outcast of the group because I would be poking my finger or something. The first year we went you would just see so many people sitting on the ground poking their finger and you’re just like, wow, it feel nice to not be the only one doing that.”
KVRR is a proud sponsor of this year’s One Walk. Click here for more information.

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