The Talk co-host Sheryl Underwood recently opened up on her 95-pound weight loss journey during an interview with People. The TV personality marked her transformation while celebrating her 59th birthday during the latest episode of her show.
The host was seen wearing a bright purple dress, and told the publication that she tried on 10 different outfits before wearing one that gave her the “Dorothy Effect.” She said that she wanted a dress that “really showed the work” she had put into her weight loss journey. Underwood added that she wanted to show the world and the audience that they too can do it and continued:
Underwood noted that crossing her legs while wearing the dress was an emotional moment in her weight loss journey. She said that the weight loss routine was something that she followed with her friends and co-hosts Amanda Kloots and Natalie Morales.
Sheryl Underwood added that she now wants to be admired for the hard work she has invested in achieving her desired body. She said that since she has worked so hard on her body, she wants to “walk into church and all them saints fanning like, ‘Oh, she look good.’” She also said that she wants to walk into a club or restaurant and have everyone’s head turn to her when she enters.
The Daytime Emmy Award winner also said that she feels good about her transformation because “when you look good, you feel good.”
Sheryl Underwood recently made some noteworthy health changes and revealed that she lost more than 90 pounds last year. Ahead of the premiere of the 13th season of the show, she spoke to ET and said that she and her colleagues began working on their health and fitness together.
She said that as she watched her friends and colleagues concentrate on their health and wellness, she decided to join in and work on herself. Underwood added:
However, the TV host also had to take a look at her recurring health issues before beginning her weight loss journey. Underwood said she first dealt with her digestive health before commencing an overall fitness journey.
In addition to losing weight, she also had to take care of diabetes, high blood pressure and “all the other things women deal with.”
The media personality said that she feels “great” about her transformation and is looking forward to exercising with her The Talk co-hosts. She had reportedly planned to hit the gym with Jerry O’Connell and Akbar Gbaja-Biamila and have jumping rope sessions with Kloots.
Sheryl Underwood further opened up about her weight loss treatment in an interview with People. She said that she decided to begin her journey when she weighed between 230 and 250 pounds and the doctor gave her lab work for pre-diabetes and hypertension.
Sheryl also mentioned that she was set to undergo bariatic surgery but decided to try Wegovy injections instead. The weekly injection was approved by the FDA in June 2021 and helps to suppress appetite.
In addition to the injection, Sheryl Underwood also tried portion control and changed other daily habits. Speaking about that, she said that she was planning to undergo a surgical procedure but after doing so, she would have had to “to go through the psychiatrist” and dietician.
She said that since she worked with a dietician, she has lost weight. While she said that she didn’t lose a significant amount, she lost weight to a point where “insurance was not going to pay for it.”
She also embraced lifestyle changes like getting more sleep, drinking more water, and incorporating healthier food choices into her intake. Underwood said she started having more green, leafy vegetables and fruits like blueberries and strawberries alongside adding more fiber to her diet with fiber supplements.
Sheryl Underwood also increased simple exercises in her routine despite the difficulty in her schedule:
The Beauty Shop actress also added that despite her routine, she still enjoys “quality” life and gets to have fun with some important adjustments. She noted that she still had cake and rosé but in smaller proportions and knows that she has to drink water with her rosé.
The 59-year-old also shared that she often realizes when her “face puffs up” now because it is “not just on-camera vanity” but health and fitness. Sheryl Underwood concluded that losing weight was a “great feeling” and said that she has decided to continue her journey.
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