Wednesday, 19 Oct 2022
FROM time to time, ads will pop up on social media for health products and more often than not they will contain claims that what is being sold can cure or treat all sorts of conditions – such as diabetes. Indeed, some advertisers have claimed that their product has been certified by the Health Ministry as a form of treatment for diabetes.
Is there any truth to this claim?

The Health Ministry has never endorsed any product or food which can replace medicines including insulin to treat diabetes and control blood sugar.
This matter was announced by the Health Ministry in a statement posted on its Facebook page earlier this year to rebuke the claim made by one Ainalienshop-TW Facebook page which sought to confuse the public by using an altered image showing Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin with the caption ‘blood sugar returns to normal.’
“The ministry warns the public against being easily duped and influenced by statements whose authenticity is unconfirmed.
“We would also like to stress once again that operators or owners of products should be more responsible and not take advantage and confuse the public,” it said.
Additionally, around the same time Health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said in a post on Twitter that it was another fake news disseminated by irresponsible individuals in the interest of their business.


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