MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – One Mississippi non-profit and a local family teamed up together to host an awareness walk for diabetes in Meridian on Sunday.
The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi and the Warren family hosted the Mississippi’s Walk for Diabetes to help other families in need and to raise awareness about the disease.
Hannah Byrd, the Public Relations and Marketing Coordinator with the foundation said they host these events all over the state.
“Mississippi has such a high number of people that live here with Diabetes. We are constantly in the top one or top two in the country, so we wanted to help people here. A lot of people have Type 1 and Type 2, they are both on the rise in our state and nationally as well,” said Byrd.
The foundation partnered with the Warren family to host the event, who were impacted by the disease when their son Zane was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes in June 2021.
“Well, whenever he was diagnosed, they sent home a bookbag, a ton of information, all kinds of supplies to help us get started in the beginning. Which was a great help because we were clueless about what we would need, especially those first few months. So, that’s the big deal with this foundation is helping all these families get started,” said Mara Warren, mother of Zane.
One participant, Sonya Scarbrough, said her close friend’s experience with the disease motivated her to walk at the event.
“My best friend’s child is Type 1 diabetic and just being there for her and motivating her. Being there during her diabetic commas and her overcoming that. She was just out here walking so that’s why we are here,” said Scarbrough.
Jaida Johnson was another participant that enjoyed walking for the cause and supporting those close to her heart.
“I like walking with my dad, and he has diabetes and some people in my family have diabetes. I love this community and they gave us medals,” said Johnson.
Zane Warren was grateful to all who participated in the Walk for Diabetes.
“Thank you for supporting diabetes,” said Zane Warren.
The foundation said about 200 people donated in-person and online.
If you would like to learn how you can donate, you are urged to visit the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi website.
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