JACK Whitehall's girlfriend Roxy Horner has revealed a 'life threatening' health scare with fans.
The 31-year-old model, who has been with the comedian since 2020, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in May last year.
Roxy recently shared how an electronic device saved her life.
She wears one that alerts her and loved ones when her blood glucose levels are low.
The beauty recently took to Instagram to share a screen grab of how diabetes management app Dexcom alerts her when she's having a diabetic hypo.
"I still find it frightening when I have a hypo alone as I can go unconscious & I'm still learning that when I'm sick it's different and more difficult to manage," she told her 199k followers on the social media app.
"I'm beyond grateful to have @dexcomuk which alerted my people."
She added: "So the past week my diabetes has been super hard to control due to not being well.
"All I can say is thank god for @dexcomuk alerting my friends and family."
A hypo, according to diabetes.org.uk, is "when your blood glucose level (also called blood sugar) is too low, usually below 4mmol/l".
Back in February Roxy was rushed to hospital after "starting to lose consciousness" amid her struggle with type 1 diabetes.
"After my last post on diabetes I've had a few messages on how I'm managing and the truth is I'm trying my best but it is still hard.
"I've been having a really rough time managing my glucose levels the past few weeks, they are yo-yoing for absolutely no reason, I throw up when I go too high and I've had a few too many hypos for my liking lately.
"My friend had to call an ambulance for me the other day, I was staring to lose consciousness, my entire body was shaking, my levels got pretty low and wouldn't come back up even after drinking four apple juices.
"It's so weird to me because I'm still figuring this out and a month ago I really thought I started to nail it but it's always going to be a rollercoaster and I know soon I'll feel much better, maybe even tomorrow, I'll be fine.
"My problems feel so minuscule on the scale of what's going on in the world and I count myself lucky that I'm safe in my own country."
The NHS website states: "Type 1 diabetes causes the level of glucose (sugar) in your blood to become too high.
"It happens when your body cannot produce enough of a hormone called insulin, which controls blood glucose.
"You need to take insulin every day to keep your blood glucose levels under control."
Roxy revealed that she thinks that there is a "silver lining" of her diabetes diagnosis.
She told magazine Marie Claire: "Type 1 diabetes has changed my life but the silver lining is that perhaps it has taught me to stand up for myself and listen to my body.
"I’ve had to take a lot of time out of work but that’s okay, I am only six months into my diagnosis so I needed that break.
"My agency Premier have been so understanding and supportive. My boyfriend has been incredible. I am so lucky in that respect.
"I’ve quietly decided to spend less time with the people who haven’t understood."

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