In your pursuit of weight loss, you must have tried a gazillion fitness workouts, but in vain. A busy schedule always gets in the way of finding time for 30-45 minutes of workouts. If you have been someone who always struggles with finding enough time to work out, you’ve got to keep reading this!
Having a no-exercise regime is out of the question for you if you are someone who is serious about reaching and maintaining your goal weight. The only certain way to lose weight is an amalgamation of exercise and a healthy diet. With that said, here are some exercises that will be helpful in your weight loss plans.
While these exercises might not give fast results as a normal HIIT workout would, it can definitely get you moving – which is the main goal! Another thing is that studies have also found that exercise can make a big difference in your life as long as you are moving enough to keep yourself healthy.
Here are some easy-peasy 5-minute exercises for weight loss that you can incorporate in your busy schedule:
Just grab a jumping rope and start skipping for as long as you can. It improves coordination, cognitive function and helps you lose weight. So, it is a high-intensity workout that raises your heart rate and helps you burn a lot of calories. Take a break in between if you feel tired or you are a beginner. Then jump continuously and rest again. Make sure you are not overdoing it to avoid injuries.
One of the best ways to incorporate multiple high intensity workouts in one go is a circuit. It will raise your heart rate and maximize calorie burn, therefore help you lose weight. You can complete one circuit, and then take 10-15 second rest, then repeat. One example of a circuit is: start with burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, push-ups and still running.
Start by getting on all fours with your wrists shoulder-width apart. Now, straighten your legs, tuck in your tummy and stay in that position. This is how you can perform a basic plank. You can incorporate other variations of planks in your regimen as well. Adding variations to your routine will make it more fun, and you will be moving your body a lot more.
Imagine the floor is the mountain – that’s the logic behind this exercise! Start with a plank position and run against the floor with your hands in front of you, holding on to something that helps you maintain the position. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? Well, it is not as easy as it sounds. This exercise may seem easy, but it raises your heart rate. It is considered one of the best exercises that help you lose weight.
Burpees might seem like a tedious workout, but it is one of the best exercises for someone trying to lose weight. It engages all major muscles of your body and helps work on all of it. Not only does it help burn extra fat, it also provide other cardio benefits, including lower risk of heart diseases, manage cholesterol levels, improve brain function and improve blood flow, lower risk of heart diseases and diabetes.
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