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Assuming you have blood sugar, food choices become limited. One must be careful to not only avoid sugar as well as food with a high Glycemic Index and those that lead to a spike in blood sugar post-consumption. A healthy beginning to the day is exceptionally essential and therefore, the decision of breakfast is vital. Check out  5 healthy Indian breakfast ideas for diabetics.
Besan Chilla: Made with gram flour or besan and fresh vegetables, Besan Chilla is a great breakfast option. To ensure it’s healthy, use as less oil as possible. Likewise, limit the amount of salt used.
Eggs: Eggs are the best source of protein, be it scrambled, boiled or poached, and protein takes more time to digest. This implies it helps keep blood sugar levels steady for a longer period. You can make healthy omelettes utilizing mushrooms, veggies etc.
Methi paratha: Made with fresh methi leaves or kasturi methi, methi paranthas are really great for diabetics as they lower one’s blood sugar levels. The flour used should have a low glycemic index and be diabetic-friendly.
Sprouts: Healthy and delicious, this is the best breakfast option for diabetics. To your bowl of sprouts, add chopped cucumber, onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes and drizzle lemon and add a dash of salt and pepper.
Oats omelette: Oats omelette can be a decent breakfast choice for diabetics. Add plain oats to eggs and loads of veggies to make an oats omelette and enjoy a healthy, filling breakfast!
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