Oct. 13—The Mississippi Walk for Diabetes, which benefits the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi, is set for Sunday, Oct. 16 at Bonita Lakes Park. Registration starts at 1 p.m.
One family is looking forward to the event as the foundation has significantly impacted their lives.
Wesley and Mara Warren's son Zane has type 1 diabetes. When he was diagnosed, they were worried.
His health was picture perfect up until that point, and he loved playing baseball, soccer, basketball, and swimming, but his parents feared it would stop.
"When I heard those words come out of the doctor's mouth, I was terrified for my six-year-old son's future," Mara Warren said. "I was so scared that the things he loved doing would be impossible to do, but I was wrong."
"Thankfully, with the educational resources and diabetic supplies donated to us from the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi, we were able to make the transition to a Type 1 family easier," she added.
The Warren family adapted with help from the DFM, whether it was the glucose monitor, a glucose tablet for low blood sugar, or advice for treating high blood sugar.
"Today, Zane can continue doing all the things he loves. Type 1 Diabetes has many challenges, but he refuses to let them slow him down," Mara said.
The DFM's mission is simple, to save lives every day. The Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi (DFM) is the state's premier nonprofit health organization working to prevent diabetes and associated complications and improve the lives of every child, adult, and family touched by type 1 or type 2 diabetes.
They accomplish this through education, research, advocacy, medical assistance, and support. The generosity from the community allows the DFM to lend a helping hand to children and adults in need.
"More people than ever need the help and hope that the Diabetes Foundation of Mississippi provides through its important programs and services. These services would not be possible without the generosity of donors," Mara added.
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