MELBOURNE, Australia–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jade Diabetes releases world first voice-based insulin dosing for diabetes that turns the labor-intensive task of logging blood sugars, carbohydrates, insulin and exercise into a natural conversation. The ‘My Jade’ Alexa skill reduces the cognitive load of calculating insulin doses, and uses blood sugar prediction to reduce anxiety and extreme blood sugar levels.

Imagine the stress of 50+ daily ‘what-if’ decisions to manage diabetes. With current systems it takes 2 to 4 weeks of logging to unpick interactions and detect patterns in data that is recorded manually, inconsistently and across multiple systems.
The new My Jade skill centralizes logging, dose calculation and dose management with the proven Jade platform, (iOS, Android, Web), and can suggest dose changes within 3 hours. Jade is the only system to use accurate predictions to alert patients of future risks at a given time. Jade updates alerts continuously as data arrives from devices such as continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), connected glucometers, digital insulin pens, and data from Apple Health such as exercise, food intake, menstruation and more.
“Diabetes is tough – it’s like driving a car blindfolded for a lifetime without a speedometer or brakes,” says Simon Carter, Founder and CEO of Jade Diabetes. “With Alexa’s help, we can make life with diabetes significantly easier — we help patients see out the front windshield rather than the rear-view mirror. And we’re not done yet.”
We spoke to Jina, to see how My Jade helps. Jina is 58 and can’t easily read her phone without glasses. Before a morning walk, she quickly checks blood sugars to avoid a low level.
Jina: Alexa, ask My Jade to add 90 minutes of walking.
Alexa: 90 minutes of walking added.

Jina: Alexa, ask My Jade to dose for a blood sugar of 120.
Alexa: You don’t need any insulin for a blood sugar of 120, but watch out for a low at 11:35 am.
Jina pockets some snacks and now exercises without anxiety.
“I used to avoid exercise because I wasn’t confident about avoiding low blood sugars,” says Jina, “but with My Jade and the Jade App, I am now super confident about exercise as well as how and when to avoid high and low blood sugars. I am so fit!”
Jade is available for Alexa, iOS and Android tablets and smart phones:
Simon Carter
Jade Diabetes releases world first voice-based insulin dosing system for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
Simon Carter


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