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The ACM network – publisher of this masthead – wants to help our readers better understand the causes and consequences of type 2 diabetes and show you how you can reclaim your health and improve your well-being.
Our Silent Assassin series of articles will bring you the latest scientific insights, informed opinions and practical diet advice from a range of experts, including medical professionals, health advocates and the authors of the bestselling CSIRO Low-carb Diabetes Diet & Lifestyle Solution and its new companion volume, CSIRO Low-carb Diabetes Every Day.
In addition to our editorial coverage, the ACM network has partnered with Dr Peter Brukner and Defeat Diabetes to give our readers access to additional nutrition and exercise guidance to help you build the healthy lifestyle that’s right for you.
From Friday December 3, ACM readers will be offered the opportunity to sign up to receive a free, three-month, no-obligation membership to the Defeat Diabetes app.
Launched in January 2021 by Dr Brukner and other medical professionals, Defeat Diabetes is an evidence-based program delivered via native mobile app and designed to help Australians diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

Focusing on the benefits of a low-carbohydrate diet as the key to putting type 2 diabetes in remission, the app puts recipes, video lessons, masterclasses and cooking demonstrations at your fingertips.
And look out for our profile of Dr Brukner – a former team doctor for the Australian cricket team as well as AFL clubs Collingwood and Melbourne and Liverpool in the English Premier League – who was inspired by his own health scare to write the book A Fat Lot of Good and launch Defeat Diabetes.
Already helping thousands of Australians learn, plan and eat their way towards a better life, the app features informative articles and practical nutrition tips from Dr Brukner, dietician Nicole Moore and exercise physician Dr Paul Mason.
“Local research and overseas evidence is showing that a low-carb, healthy fat and protein diet can result in better glycaemic control, reduced medication use, weight loss and, in many cases, remission of type 2 diabetes,” Dr Brukner said.
Similar low-carb programs in the UK ( and US ( have reported success in reversing diabetes.
The Defeat Diabetes medical advisory panel includes more than 20 prominent orthopaedic surgeons, cardiologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, GPs, dieticians and other health professionals who lend their expertise to the program.
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