Kelly Osbourne has changed the way she looks at food since her gestational diabetes diagnosis.
In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kelly, who is expecting a child with her partner, revealed she was diagnosed with gestational diabetes.
Kelly said “I had terrible terrible, terrible heartburn, acid reflux, my feet were swelling, and I was having rapid weight gain, and I was like, ‘I don’t understand this, I’m not eating enough to make this add up, what’s happening?’”
Gestational diabetes occurs when you have hyperglycemia (high blood glucose levels) during pregnancy.
Gestational diabetes affects approximately 1-3% of pregnant women in the UK annually, according to the NHS.
Women who develop gestational diabetes during pregnancy are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes later on in life.
Kelly shared that her approach to sugar has helped her manage her condition.
She continued “Now that I know what I know about sugar, I don’t think I’ll ever eat the same again.”
In fact, Kelly celebrated No Sugar Day on Tuesday on October 3, showing her shift in thinking since going lower sugar.
13th October 2022
12th October 2022
12th October 2022
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