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Ever wondered why, despite taking medicines regularly, your diabetes reading gets out of control? This happens because we follow unhealthy or mismanaged dietary habits. Although no food is off limits, it is always best to follow a balanced and healthy diet. If you are a diabetic, your primary goal should be to keep your blood sugar levels in control, especially after large meals.
BeatO’s Health Coach, Dt. Poojitha L Acharya (Senior Nutrition and Research Analyst) said, “when it comes to controlling diabetes, dietary habit is key since diabetes is a dietary disorder. Also, dieting is not about restricting food, instead, it’s about eating a nutritious, and balanced diet depending on each individual’s tolerance to a particular food”.
Here is a curated list of food groups that can help in creating the perfect diet for diabetics. The food items below are divided into groups that one should eat and avoid, respectively.
We are often told that milk is an excellent source of protein. But is it beneficial for a diabetic?
Since fats and sweet items can raise sugar levels and increase weight, it is best to consume them in small portions.
Now that you know the food types that are best for you, we have created this type 2 diabetes food chart that can help you make the right choices:
Diabetes management requires a holistic approach towards one's lifestyle and making changes that might seem small but can create an enormous impact. To keep one's vitals in check, individuals can follow the diet prescribed by BeatO's health coaches. Along with this, make sure to have an active fitness regime. To know more, download the BeatO app & get free nutrition advice from a health coach!


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