Managing diabetes often involves closely monitoring blood sugar levels and administering medication, which may be difficult when traveling. However, people with diabetes can safely fly and enjoy their vacation with proper planning.
Type 1 diabetes is a condition that impairs the body’s ability to process blood glucose, resulting in excess sugar in the blood. It occurs when the body does not produce a sufficient amount of the hormone insulin or cannot respond to it correctly.
A person with diabetes may need to stick to a strict management regimen to help them control their blood sugar levels.
Many aspects of traveling, such as flying, delayed meals, unfamiliar foods, warmer climates, higher activity levels, and being in different time zones, can disrupt diabetes management. However, with careful planning, a person with diabetes can relax and enjoy all the experiences of their trip.
In this article, we suggest tips and guidelines that will be useful for those living with type 1 diabetes who are planning to travel.
Some useful steps to take before traveling include:
The following advice might also be helpful when it comes to packing:
When traveling on a form of transportation, such as a plane, some useful tips include:
People with diabetes will also need to consider how to manage the condition once they have reached their destination. The following strategies may help:
Type 1 diabetes does not need to be an obstacle that prevents a person from traveling. With careful planning, preparation, and packing, a person can relax and enjoy all the exciting experiences of their trip.
As long as a person plans carefully and ensures that they have easy access to all of their medical supplies, they can safely manage their blood sugar levels while traveling.
Last medically reviewed on June 15, 2022
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