Editor’s note: This article includes Ginger’s personal experience taking metformin in addition to her daily insulin regimen as a person with type 1 diabetes. Remember, Ginger is not a doctor—and she is definitely not your doctor. What has worked for her may not work for everyone. Please consult your healthcare team before making any changes to your diabetes management regimen. 
I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes for almost 25 years. About five months ago, I started taking metformin. At first, the impact on my insulin sensitivity was minimal. But the longer I’ve been taking it, the more I experience the benefits.
(Spoiler alert: It’s preventing that morning spike from dawn phenomenon and I’ve even lost six pounds of stubborn weight!)
Here’s a look at why I started taking it and how it’s affecting my diabetes management.
Yes, metformin is initially intended for type 2 diabetes—not type 1. But it is not off limits for people with T1D—it can be helpful in several ways when taken along with your basal and bolus insulin. The benefits of metformin in T1D have been studied! (Read here and here.) There are many benefits of metformin unrelated to diabetes, too.
(To be extra clear: metformin cannot replace your need for insulin if you have T1D.)
Here are 5 ways metformin could benefit a person with T1D:
Between potential side effects and the positive impact metformin can have on your diabetes, here are a few things to keep in mind while taking metformin if you have type 1 diabetes. (Many of these also apply to taking metformin with type 2 diabetes).
I’ll give you the month-by-month breakdown in a moment. But first, here’s the “before” and “after” stats:
My diabetes stats before starting metformin:
My diabetes stats after 5 months of metformin:
The longer I take metformin, the more I see the benefits. Taking it consistently and being patient are critical.
At first, I wasn’t impressed with the impact on my insulin needs. But I’m glad I kept taking it anyway—after five months, it was obvious that metformin is hugely affecting my insulin needs, my weight, my appetite, and my body’s production of glucose at 6 a.m.
The benefits of metformin absolutely make sense in supporting a person with type 1 diabetes—and it’s a very affordable medication. Talk to your healthcare team if you think taking metformin might help you with your diabetes management goals! 


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