Constipation: Consume spinach and other fibre-rich foods to ensure proper digestion
As the festive season approaches, it is time to indulge in delicious yet oily, unhealthy and constipation-causing foods. As much as these foods are heart-filling and hard two resist, they can cause severe bowel issues and other issues such as acid reflux.
To avoid these energy-consuming health issues, it is essential to take the right preventive measures. Besides working out and eating in controlled portions, make sure to also add these foods to your diet. These foods will help ensure constipation and other digestion issues stay at bay as you enjoy scrumptious festive foods this season.
These 6 foods ensure better digestion while you indulge in unhealthy festive foods this year-end:
In this article, we discuss tips to help you avoid overeating this time around.
If you too are facing any of these issues stemming from water retention, then nutritionist Anjali Mukherjee is here for your help.
1. Kiwi
Kiwis are believed to help prevent constipation in addition to their fibre content. Another theory suggests that actinidin, an enzyme, is in charge of kiwi’s beneficial effects on bowel habits and gut motility. You may consume raw kiwis. Simply remove the green meat and seeds by peeling or halving the fruit. They go well with fruit salads and can be included to increase the fibre content of smoothies.
2. Apples
Apples contain a lot of fibre. Apples contain soluble fibre, mostly in the form of a dietary fibre known as pectin, even though the majority of that fibre is insoluble. Pectin is quickly digested by bacteria in the stomach to create short-chain fatty acids, which have the ability to draw water into the colon. It may also help reduce cravings for weeks during this season.
3. Sweet potato
A rich source of fibre is found in sweet potatoes, which can aid with constipation. Most of the fibre in sweet potatoes is insoluble and comes in the form of cellulose and lignin. Pectin, a soluble fibre, is also present. By making stools heavier and more voluminous, insoluble fibre can help with bowel motions. It can also be used as an alternative to regular potatoes that are used in many festive recipes.
4. Chia seeds
One of the foods with the highest fibre content is chia seeds. Chia transforms into a gel when it comes into touch with water. This may aid in digestion by softening faeces and facilitating their passage. Furthermore, chia seeds may absorb up to 12 times their own weight in water, which can assist give stools greater thickness and weight. Chia seeds are incredibly adaptable and may be used to significantly increase the fibre content of many dishes with little to no effort. Consume warm water each morning during this season of festivities.
5. Citrus fruits
Pectin, a soluble fibre found in citrus fruits, is particularly abundant in the fruit’s peel. Pectin can shorten the duration of intestinal transit and ease constipation. Citrus fruits also contain a flavanol called naringenin, which may help explain how well they treat constipation. You can incorporate limes, lemons, oranges, etc. into your daily diet this festive season.
6. Cruciferous vegetables
In addition to being high in fibre, vegetables like spinach, broccoli, and Cauliflower are also excellent providers of folate and the vitamins C and K. These vegetable aid in giving stools weight and volume, which facilitates bowel movement. Try using spinach in a quiche, pie, or soup to add more of it to your diet. To increase the fibre content of salads or sandwiches, raw baby spinach or small greens can be used. They can be roasted, grilled, boiled, steamed, or steam-cooked and eaten warm or cold.
These foods can incorporate into your festive indulgence and can help you maintain your weight as well as prevent constipation.
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