World Diabetes Day: Fast food is unhealthy and everyone must avoid it
Diabetes has been a major health concern for people in India and across the globe. It includes a range of diseases that result in increased blood sugar levels in the body. And once you get diabetes, it’s difficult to cure it completely. However, there are ways you can manage the condition with a proper diet and a healthy lifestyle. A diabetes diet includes eating healthy foods in moderation and sticking to regular mealtimes. However, while eating certain kinds of food can have significant benefits, limiting others can help in managing blood sugar levels better.
Here is a list of foods to avoid if you have diabetes:
1) Bakery items
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If you are a diabetic and still consume bakery items, please stop. Baked goods and products may not be very good for your insulin levels. Bakery products or desserts like cupcakes, cookies, or even white bread, increase the blood glucose in the body.
2) Fast food
Fast food is unhealthy and everyone must avoid it. However, if you are a diabetic, you must be extra cautious. Some popular fast-food items like French fries, burgers or pasta, are packed with bad quality carbs that belong to the high glycemic index foods category and are not good for the body. Do not consume fast food at all.
3) Flavoured yogurt
It is true that yogurt is good for the body in general because it is a pre-biotic. However, flavoured yogurt is not good. You may feel it’s healthy and tasty but it’s not. Flavoured yogurt often contains a lot of sugar and artificial flavouring. That’s why it must be avoided.
4) Full-fat milk
We have been always fed with the information that milk is good for the body since it’s a rich source of calcium. But, if you are a diabetic, it could not be that healthy for you. Full-fat milk is high in saturated fat, which worsens insulin resistance in the body. However, you can consume milk that is low in fat.
5) Honey
Do you like honey? Well, if you do and you have diabetes, avoid consuming honey. We understand that it’s a natural product but it could trigger the blood glucose levels in your body. Try to stay away from honey. However, if you still wish to consume honey, make sure you know how much you’re getting.
6) Packaged fruit juices
Any kind of packaged fruit juice is not good for people suffering from diabetes. These juices contain fructose that increases blood sugar levels, which could be dangerous if you have diabetes.
7) Mango and chikoo
There is a lot of confusion among diabetics regarding fruits that are not good for their health. However, if you have diabetes, too many mangoes and chikoos could be harmful to your health they have a high glycemic index.
It’s time to get careful and mindful about your diet if you are a diabetic. In case you can’t avoid any food totally, just remember, moderation is the key.
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