Girls with type 1 diabetes may have a worse situation when it comes to blood sugar control, as well as other factors.
A new study has found that Type 1 Diabetes may be worse in girls, and this is something that parents should be aware of. Every parent wants their child to live a fulfilling and healthy life, and they make sure they do everything they can to see that happen. However, illnesses are not always preventable, and sometimes families find themselves having to deal with a diagnosis that can change their family.
In a time when things may seem out of their control, parents are always clinging to things that they feel like they can control. This means they are paying attention to studies, because they can offer insights into their children’s lives, and how they can help them
According to Medical Xpress and US News, a study was done that found that type 1 diabetes may be tougher for girls than it is for boys. This study was done by doing a view of 90 already published studies, and it was completed by researchers in the Netherlands.
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The review found that girls with type 1 diabetes may have a worse situation when it comes to blood sugar control, as well as other factors. While they did find similar patterns between girls and boys, they found that girls tended to have higher blood sugar levels, were more likely to be overweight, and had a poorer quality of life.
This study can help medical providers adjust their care and treatment plan depending on if their patient is a boy or a girl. It can also help parents know how best to approach their child when it comes to their diagnosis, and how to advocate for the help that they need. The experts did say that there is no clear reason why this is the case, but girls need special attention to address the particular challenges, and complications, they are facing.
Type 1 diabetes is already different in the way that it is often seen in children and youth, and it is not caused by being overweight or living an unhealthy lifestyle. There are an estimated more than 1 million children and youth across the world, and it is being studied every day to see what treatment and intervention options can help the most. Girls tend to develop type 1 diabetes earlier than boys, and researchers state that this is the only thing they can see right now that may cause the differences in the way the illness presents in children.
Sources: Medical Xpress, US News


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