OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – One project led by Creighton University is working to reverse Type 2 diabetes. In just a year of work, they’ve already seen success in a few measurable ways.
“I have joy in my life now,” said Susan Blunk, a participant in the program.
Blunk has Type 2 diabetes. Her doctor referred her to Creighton’s Cura Project to help manage her diabetes and the problems that emerged from the disease.
“I have reduced my A1C to 5.5 and they want it below 7. I no longer have to test my blood sugar 2-3 times a day. It’s 2-3 times a week now,” she said.
The Cura Project offers financial guidance, free healthy food every other week, and health and wellness coaching.
“This has taught me that you can make it taste good even though it’s healthy,” she said. “Something I found out is that you can use cauliflower and make Spanish rice out of it.”
The program is free for participants. Since programming started in April of last year, Blunk now spends $200 less a month on medications.
“If people are saving money on their medications. If they’re staying out of nursing homes. It’s worth it to try to figure out how you move from 300 people to 3,000 people, to 300,000 people,” said Julie Kalkowski, program director of Creighton’s Financial Hope Collaborative.
Since diabetes is a costly disease, the financial components were major for Blunk.
“Since this project, I’m paying my bills on time. I’m not afraid to answer the phone, because it’s a bill collector,” she said.
The project is five years long and each person spends about a year-and-a-half learning lessons they hope to carry into the future.
The program has a capacity of 300 people and about 100 are currently enrolled. You can call 402-717-3618 to sign up.
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