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NEW DELHI : Ahead of the World Diabetes Day (14 Nov 2022), India’s largest digital health platform Tata 1mg is launching a video campaign #RiseAgainstDiabetes in association with the leading news channels, NDTV India and NDTV 24×7.
The three-day campaign, that launches on November 12, 2022, is built around 3 vignettes of approx. 1 minute duration each, with NDTV anchor Ms Ambika Singh Kahma, Content Head & Chief Correspondent, Special Projects, NDTV. The whole concept of the campaign is to educate people with diabetes or at pre-diabetic stage and their families about taking full control of the disease through lifestyle modifications and adherence to treatment regimen. It urges all viewers to opt for regular health checkups, frequent doctor consultations & adherence to the timely intake of medicines. This helps to detect the disease at an early stage.
The vignettes show Ms Ambika interacting with Dr. Rajeev Sharma, Vice President – Medical Affairs, Tata 1mg, Ms. Chhavi Kohli, Chief diabetes educator & Nutritionist with Medanta the Medicity, Gurgaon (also on advisory panel of Tata 1mg), and Mr Sanjay Agarwal, a Tata 1mg customer. The host interacts with them to know more about the ways in which one can overcome the disease through early diagnoses, diet and lifestyle changes and regular timely annual health checkups.
Dr. Rajeev talks about the increasing burden of diabetes in India and how Tata 1mg educates and encourages users to do regular lab tests, routine doctor check-ups, lifestyle modification and adherence to timely medications.
Ms Chhavi Kohli talks about ‘eating the right way’ which is to nourish the body by taking various nutrients in the right proportion and right time and how Tata 1mg creates, authentic and simple-to-follow informative content on social media.
The host interacts with Mr Sanjay Agarwal who talks about how Tata 1mg has supported him throughout his diabetes journey by delivering medicines on time with efficient home lab test service while sharing practical informative tips on social platforms.
These vignettes will run on NDTV India & NDTV 24X7 for 3 days starting from 12 Nov till 14 Nov 2022.
Said Prateek Verma, Business Head – ePharmacy, Tata 1mg: “The #RiseAgainstDiabetes campaign has been designed to improve knowledge of the people about diabetes, a disease that is rapidly spreading in Indian society. It educates them about the complications associated with avoiding or delaying diabetes treatment, as well as the need to control the disease by maintaining the optimum sugar levels in the body. Diabetes can be tackled with a balanced and healthy diet, an active lifestyle, timely prescribed medications, regular health checkups, and planned doctor visits. And now accessing healthcare is just a click away with Tata 1mg which offers a diverse product portfolio for diabetes management. We are quite excited to partner with NDTV for making this campaign widespread among the masses”
Said Dr Prashant Nag, Clinical Head, Tata 1mg Labs: “The objective behind the #RiseAgainstDiabetes campaign is to address the growing need for diabetes education and prevention among the audience. In India, one in eleven people suffer from diabetes. According to recent data, one in every 3 samples tested at Tata 1mg labs in the past 8 months shows high blood sugar. This indicates high incidence & increased requirement of good diagnostics services for diabetes in our country. Diabetes imposes lifelong demands on people living with the disease and their families. Because people with diabetes do better when they take active control of their own care, it is of paramount importance that they receive ongoing, high-quality diabetes support that is tailored to their needs and delivered by skilled health professionals”
Verma added: “The Tata 1mg platform has a variety of solutions for diabetic patients. This includes custom lab packages, care plan memberships where members can get rapid delivery, free shipping, extra discounts on prescription medicines etc. With this campaign, we hope to raise greater awareness among patients about the benefits associated with effectively managing the disease and how Tata 1mg is playing a pivotal role in resolving their health concerns by being readily accessible.”
Said Ms Ambika Singh Kahma, Content Head & Chief Correspondent, Special Projects, NDTV :“We are delighted to partner with Tata 1mg for this important cause. World Diabetes Day is an important day to amplify the message of diabetes control and management, and we are glad to play our part in spreading greater awareness about the disease. Over the years, diabetes has become a major health concern in the country, and through this collaboration, we hope to restore hope in diabetic patients and urge them to take charge and fight this disease with the right guidance and approach.”
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